Your Memories Are Priceless

So why risk losing them forever?


If your family's memories are stored on movie film, video tape, photographs or slides then they are seriously at risk. Once lost you can never get them back. Your insurance might buy you a new television but it won't re-create the video of your child's first steps or the movie film that your father shot of you when you were a child.


It may not be too late

We are the experts in protecting your memories.

Our transfer processes enable the highest possible quality so that your memories will look as good on DVD as they did when you first recorded them. Sometimes better.

And once they are on DVD you can make as many copies as you like - with no loss of quality. We even hold a copy on our backup disks in case you need to request an additional copy at a later date.

But you need to act soon...

While there is still time.

Different types of memory degrade at different speeds.  Videotape, for example, was never designed to last more than about 20 years.    Film can last much longer - if it is stored correctly.  But even with proper storage there is always the risk of destruction - by fire or flood or mishandling.

Once on DVD you can make as many copies as you like and give as many copies as you like to your friends and relations.  There really is safety in numbers.


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